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Turning the Page

Cousin of mine,

Whom I hold close to my heart dearly,

I hope our friendship and bond

hasn’t been diminishing.

We haven’t seen each other in awhile

but we still share those laughter’s and smiles,

those can never be erased.

You’ve grown so much in maturity in the last years

You’re on your way to the air force and journeying into marriage.

I’m 15, still in high school

Every year is another hour for us

But remember we have our memories

And we are only turning the page,

to write the next chapter of our lives.



Things Change

Things Change

The seasons shift at the blink of an eye.

Each year flees from our hands.

The grains of sand slip through the hour glass.

The sun sets, just as fast as the moonlight shines through the starry-night skies.

An infant travels to the years of adulthood,

With the world so large they feel lost.

Things change

Take hold of the things you learned in the past,

as you grow from young to old.

We know things will change

And never be the same

But, we shouldn’t fear it.