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The Strings of Society

Overlooking from the background

Faces playing a role

Serving to fulfill the wants of society

Losing individuality

Living all for a show

Life on puppet strings

How is it to live with loss of feeling?

To be so numb,

You can’t hurt

Thrown aside

In a dark corner

Waiting for their master’s next show

Lost and you don’t even know it

Defined by those weaker than you

Don’t let them mold you.

To Dream or Not To Dream

We all start out as this little person

A quick spin and its time to think of our future

As a child imagination is everything,

But, now do we dare to dream?


The writer of your own story,

Will you paint your dreams?

There are broken dreams,

But, when we don’t dream

that’s when it breaks us.


Inside us we encounter

A colliding crash

All systems down

An internal silent cry

A dream that wants to be heard

and not left to wither

Or disappear

With no hope-

So, do we dare to dream?