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I Dance

I dance for it is an art

I dance for it is in my heart

I dance for outpouring of passion

Not worrying about the latest fashion

I dance for it is beauty in motion

Watch the flow of my emotions

I dance to display my bright smile

Even if, as far as a mile

Feel the music

Listen for the acoustics

Feel the rhythm

Its freedom

Each movement creates a stream of words

Like the dance of a hummingbird

I dance for my life

 For it is bright

I dance to be

I dance for me.


“The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word.” ~ Mata Hari

The Wind

Wind flows freely and calmly

Listen for its whisper

Dance–Sing– For it has soothed you.

The Lady Who Lost Her Mind

There once was a lady who lived in Belize

Lost her mind, thought she’d freeze

Believed she’d be warm in fire

Wrong she was, she did expire.

Sealed Shut

Words at the tip of my tongue

They stay there long

Emotions I feel cannot be expressed

Bottled inside, crying in distress

Left alone, wished to be found

To freely fly the sky so high

But left on the ground

Now comes the sigh

Watching the world at this view

Loss of communication

There’s no connection

Lift my head—in search of welcoming something new.