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Forever & Always

Everyone has their own meaning of best friends,

But in each meaning,

These are the words used to define this unique duo.

It’s that one person you share an instantaneous connection

One that feels true

Where you feel closer to someone,

More than anyone in your life

You can share anything with this special friend

Your low’s and your high’s

Because you feel safe.

True friends can survive long distance

I know with time we will continue to grow

Where I’ll learn more about you,

You’ll learn more about me.

I will always be here for you

You are my best friend

Forever and always–until the end of time

I hope one day to share you,

 With the rest of my world!

Turning the Page

Cousin of mine,

Whom I hold close to my heart dearly,

I hope our friendship and bond

hasn’t been diminishing.

We haven’t seen each other in awhile

but we still share those laughter’s and smiles,

those can never be erased.

You’ve grown so much in maturity in the last years

You’re on your way to the air force and journeying into marriage.

I’m 15, still in high school

Every year is another hour for us

But remember we have our memories

And we are only turning the page,

to write the next chapter of our lives.